WTS: Full Sanwa 360 MadCatz SE

JLF and 8x white OSBFs. All original parts and box included. Like new condition. Ready for immediate shipping. $45+shipping anywhere.

Here it is with it’s siblings. I have a custom dual-mod coming soon.


I’ll take it

PM me with details please and thanks

Oberator, I have one earlier offer than yours via PM. So if it falls through, you’ve got it.

can i get in line for the SE too? maybe the hrap too if it becomes for sale. lol

Fightstick is sold. Thanks for the interest, everyone.
HRAP3-SA (full Seimitsu) & MK PDP (full IL) will likely be for sale when my custom comes in.

How much are you planning on selling that HRAP3-SA for? I’d love to buy it, if it’s for 360. ( I can’t see)

It is for PS3, sorry.