WTS: Fully Loaded VAS-HG - $160/125 Must sell ASAP!


Hey guys! n00sE here! I’m officially setting up shop here on the SRK Trading Outlet! Wheee!!

Here’s what I have! And I only have one rule… You must at least spend $5, I don’t want to have to run to the post office for something less than that… : P

**VAS-HG Elite - $160 or $125 for case only! (Includes shipping)

Sanwa OBSF-30 x6
Seimitsu 24mm screw in x3
Sanwa JLF + Meshball + Square Gate
Tek-Innovations Arrow Dustwasher
Madcatz 4167 PCB
Neautrik NAUSB
JInxz Brushed Aluminum Feet



1x Green Sanwa OBSF-30 [new] - $2.50

2x Light Blue OBSF-24 [used] - $4.50

3x Red OBSN-24 [very lightly used] - $6

1x Blue+1x Yellow iL Concave Pushbutton [used] (no microswitch) - $1

1x Green Seimitsu “Bubbletop” [new] - $3

1x Vermillion Sanwa 35mm Balltop [extremely used] - $1


6 (SIX) OF ANY COLOR PLUNGER (only the plunger, preferably matching…) from Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm!


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


cool. awaiting on pics and you may have a buyer


PM sent.


Payment sent for red Sanwa Meshball (tight pattern) [new]! I put a cherry on top! :woot:


post pics. i have dibs on light blue sanwas. but only if ur pictures confirm the button condition. :smiley:


Post some pics and I’d be interested in the Black/Yellow OBSFs.


price include shipping?


currently i was not including shipping, but i only charge bare minimum, so it will really only be another dollar or 2.

added vas-hg elite


Added pics!


Dang that VAS-HG looks great. Wish I had money.


Thank you! <3


Dropped price to $225. If you buy it by tomorrow (tuesday) I’ll throw in 6 extra sanwa buttons and a balltop! For $225 this thing is a steal! Come on boys! I need to sell this so I can buy myself a birthday gift!


Pm’d …


1x Yellow Sanwa 35mm Balltop [new] - $2

1x Green Seimitsu “Bubbletop” [new] - $3

1x Vermillion Sanwa 35mm Balltop [extremely used] - $1

can you please provide pictures of these? At least the vermillion one.


payment sent for

2x Sandisk Cruzer Micro 8gb USB Flash Drive [Used, but cosmetically perfect] - $10 each.


your inbox is full.


Inbox cleared!

Price Drop on the VAS-HG, must sell asap! Have something I must pay so get it while I’m desperate! Voltech charges $160 for these cases, and I’m letting it go at barely more than that fully loaded and ready to play for 360!


I have not yet received my meshball. If you are in Atlanta, I should have gotten it by now. PayPal sent me an email showing that it shipped via UPS, but no tracking info was given. If it was indeed shipped via UPS, then you should have a tracking number. Please provide a tracking number asap. I would encourage anyone else interested in purchasing from this seller to hold off until some of us receive packages. You are now officially “on notice!” Thank you and have a great day! :cybot:


I have received a PM from a fellow SRK member warning me of this seller possibly being an alias account to someone who has scammed on SRK before. The scammer’s name is Jacob Adams (page 16 on Wall of Shame thread). The name that appeared on the shipping notification from PayPal is Debbie Adams. Coincidence? I think not. Also, I have looked at all of this sellers postings, and there is no way in hell that this is a female. I have found from experience on the interwebs that when someone takes the time to type “PS: I’m a girl”, its a goddamn man, or little boy. :tdown:

Here is the original info:

Name of Scammer: Jacob Adams aka Avidist

Address: Atlanta

Contact Information: avidistebay@gmail.com

How that person ripped the user off: Failed to provide me with modified JLF with green bubble top he promised which I paid $43usd for on 05-11-2010 via paypal. Jacob has also scammed Qweets by failing to provide 8 buttons plus a green bubble top who has been waiting more than 1 week. Jacob has also in the past, scammed Kasprfoto. Thread details are here How to get in touch with users who have a full inbox

I’d say this is substantial evidence incriminating said user of being a scammer. And the a sound warning not to deal with this user or any other username which exists from his IP address.


Bump for Justice! :nunchuck: