[WTS] Game Collection For Sale

Trying to make a little extra cash before going through with a move

So I’m selling a bunch of my games. Please take a look and see what you like

All of my prices have the US shipping cost included, but they are all negotiable.

I’m pretty particular about my games, so consider everything mint unless otherwise specified.

As of now I can only ship in the US, but if you’re interested in other areas shoot me a PM so I can look into it for you.

Paypal is the only method of payment I can accept. and all sales are final

Sealed/Unopened games:

[PS2] Devil Summoner 2 w Raihou Frost plush - $60
[DS] Dragon Quest 5 x2 - $50 each
[DS] Etrian Odyssey 2 - $30
[DS] Megaman ZX - $25


[Import PS2] King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match - $25
[Import PS2] King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match - $25
[Import PS2] Kinnikuman Generations(Original Black Label. Holographic Case.) - $25
[Import PS2] One Piece Grand Battle Rush!(Visible wear on disc(I played it alot :x) but in working condition and everything else is mint) - $20
[Import PS2] One Piece Grand Battle 3 - $20
[Import PS2] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind(Part 5 Game) - $20
[Import PS2] Bleach Blade Battlers 2 - $25
[Import PS2] Narutimate Accel 2 - $25
[Import PS2] Super Dragonball Z - $25
[Import PS2] Darkstalkers Collection(Case looks worn and I don’t know how it got like it, but game and manual are mint) - $20
[Import PS2] Last Blade Collection(Case is slightly worn but contents are mint) - $20
[Import GC] One Piece Treasure Battle - $25
[Import DS] Bleach DS 2nd - $20
[Import DS] Jump Ultimate Stars - $20
[PS2] Godhand - $15
[PS2/PS1] Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection(Also willing to sell individually) $30 for set. $15 individually($10 for MGS1)
[PS2] Odin Sphere - $25
[PS2] Victorious Boxers 2(Ippo game) - $12
[PS2] Fire Pro Wrestling Returns - $12
[PS2] Beyond Good and Evil(Greatest Hits) - $12
[PS2] Persona 3 FES - $25
[PS2] King of Fighters 98 UM - $12
[PS2] Soul Nomad: The World Eaters - $20
[PS2] Dragon Quest 8 (No FF12 demo or box. Just the game, case and manual) - $12
[PS2] Shadow of Colossus (No cover, but game and manual are mint) - $10
[PS2] Devil Summoner 2(cover is missing but game and manual is like new) I also have the Raiho and box this game came with. Both of those are mint and are available with the game or separately $12 for game
[Wii] Muramasa The Demon Blade - $25
[DS] Dragonball Origins - $10
[DS] Chrono Trigger - $15
[PS1] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(Capcom Fighting game) - $25
[GC] Killer 7 (Game and manual are mint, but the case is worn. It came like this out of the plastic :x) - $15
[GC] Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble - $12
[GBA] Astro Boy: Omega Factor - $15


The Venture Bros - Season 3 - $15


  • Above mentioned Open Box and Raiho Plush - $20
  • Super Mario Galaxy preorder coin and authenticity certificate - $10
  • Soul Eater Artbook(Softcover) - $20
  • Aksys Blazblue Limited Run poster - $20

After about a little over a week I plan on putting anything I haven’t sold on ebay. I’ll make an announcement here in the thread once I do.

PM sent