WTS:Game, Game systems and manga

Dreamcast: This is with shipping
Plasma Sword
Evolution* ok conditionSOLD
SpawnDreamcast case no front pic(15.00)
House of the Dead 2
Space channel 5
Soul Reaver*No front cover (15.00)
Project justiceSOLD
Rush 2049 * jewel case (10.00)

PS1:[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][COLOR=“DeepSkyBlue”]Priced with shipping[/COLOR][/COLOR]
X men mutant academy jewel case(12.00)
Soul blade
jewel case(10.00)
Vagrant story Perfect (20.00)
legend of Dragoon * cut on front case(15.00)

**PSP: **[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]with shipping[/COLOR]
Dj Max 1 (20.00)

PS2: With shipping
Shadows of colossus(15.00)
Maximo (8.00)
Katamari damacy


**Xbox/Xbox 360: **With shipping
Guilty Gear X2 #reloadedjewel(10.00)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Pretty bad condition I’m sure If you got a cd protector or something it would work better the characters keep glitching but It is playable there is nothing wrong other than that (15.00)
Jade empire collectors(15.00)
GTA: Vice city (10.00)

Dead rising (15.00)

**DS Games: **Shipped
Animal crossing * 15 *
Starfox adventures 12
Pokemon diamond (20)
Sims (10)
Elite beat agents (10) AMAZING GAME

Xbox(original) broken * 10 plus shipping SOLD
DS Phat*40+shippingSold
Dreamcast Shoe box controls…

Woking Xbox 50
PS2 slim 100

**Anime/Manga:**With shipping
Sneak peek vol 2&3 * 10 shipped
.Hack //Legend of the twilight 2*3 *15 shipped
The entire collection of *Real bout high 40 shipped
Rahxephon boxset * 75 shipped

What I want:
Strider 2 *Found
Arcade parts
Xbox 360 games
Xbox 360 controller
Dreamcast light gun * Need 1 more
Sega Saturn


What kind of parts? I got some Happ parts that I’m not using at the moment(five buttons and a Super stick). Willing to trade for Project Justice if interested.

I’m looking for happ parts could I see some pics?

Are those prices shipped? or how much for shipping?


I’ll take your Space channel 5

My e-mail is LoyalistRevolt@yahoo.com send me the cash threw paypal along with your address.

Ill take channel, paypal ready, let me know if he didnt take it yet

ninja edit: I asked because I wanted SP5 :frowning:

pm’ed back, let me know :wink:

paypal ready to fire.

Sent, and done, and Ill be back later for more ;), I want Evolution and Soul Blade, just need the $$, Ill let you know once I kill Mr. Piggy bank

wtf…I guess im not get the space channel

Yea, a little messed up, so I feel for ya, I pm’ed Loyalist, and apparently he did not get contact from you, so he went to the next one, I payed right away, and sent a little more to cover shipping. its common practice, however normally one would wait a little for a response, but I guess Loyalist needs payment right up front, first come first serve basis.

I would suggest, as soon as you see something you want, and the seller confirms this is shipped price etc, get in touch with them, and pay them, bother the heck out of them, thats what I did. Though hopefully I didn’t mess you up bro, now I feel bad :shake: :wonder:.

I made the post and i got off to go get some thing to munch on. I got on expecting a pm from him with his info. It sucks but oh well.

Yea it happens, he posted his paypal here, and sicne you were waiting for him to send you info, he was waiting for you to send the money, something got lost in translation, lol. Good luck, and if you want something get it quick, because I got my eyes on some more :wink:

Sure. I’m a bit out of town at the moment, but I should get them up tonight. One note though, the buttons aren’t “tournament worthy” buttons.

OMG I’m really sorry I though that you were just stating it. WOW…I feel like an ass now because that happened to me once and I was pissed I’m really sorry for this I will try to find you another copy. :sad:

I would definitely say your vagrant story is overpriced…i might be interested in purchasing SoC, depends on how come ebay auctions go.

Moment of silence for Amputekthure :sad:

I felt pretty sour about it yesterday but yeah its ok i’ll just get one of ebay. hahah

yeah, that’s how it’s happened a LOT on this forum. I had a green goblin, a dreamcast, and a sound blaster swiped from me like that, because people will PM and not post anything in threads… i hate that shit… i feelf or you man