WTS: Gameboy Advance & DS games (StreetFighter, Mario, Castlevania, etc)

I’m selling my used GBA games and Mario Kart for DS, here’s the list:

All are US games

Only selling games in packs of 2 or more, no individual sales.

Game Cartridges:

[]Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance $12 shipped **
]Castlevania: Circle of the Moon $12 shipped **
[]Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow $15 shipped ** SOLD
]Mario vs Donkey Kong $10 shipped ** SOLD
[]River City Ransom $6 shipped **** SOLD**
]Gekido Advance $5 shipped
[]Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival $12 shipped* (the box is a bit squished) SOLD
[]Classic Nes Series: Bomberman** $8 shipped** **
] Mario Kart DS $16 shipped w/ box & manual
[*] Battle of Prince of Persia (DS) $10 shipped **

Also selling the games with their original boxes and manual, if you want the boxes and manual with the game add $3.00**

**Games that have their original boxes and manual available have this sign next to them: ****
All boxes and manuals are in great condition unless stated otherwise.





Paypal only, only shipping to US and Canada

I need Street Fighter (and only Street Fighter). If you’re strict about the 2 game rule make me a deal with River City Ransom… like both complete for $20.

Yeah sure.

EDIT: Sorry, i didn’t mention that for Street Fighter II its only the box and game, doesn’t come with manual. Is that ok?

Yeah. No biggie. If I don’t know the SF moves by now I’m screwed. :lol:

PM me your PayPal info and I’ll get you paid. Thanks

HoD and AoS, $27 shipped? I don’t need the boxes or manuals.

Yup. Deal?

well, i’m interested, but if somebody can pay before tuesday afternoon, then they can have.

I wont be home until tomorrow night, and i have to work tuesday at 6am until 2pm. I’ll be home by about 3pm or so, so if it’s still there by then, then defeinitely deail.

New stuff added, Mario Kart DS with price and PoP for DS.

I’ll take

[]Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
]Mario vs Donkey Kong****
Sending PM

New pics added.

I was foiled by a 2k9 member. phack.

He hasn’t responded to my PM and hasn’t agreed to pay yet, so… theres still a chance you can get it.

… again with the '09 hate :frowning:

Anyway, PM responded!


price drop on MKDS

bump, need to sell this stuff