WTS: Gamecube plus games

I have up for sale a Nintendo Gamecube plus a lot of games. The gamecube comes with hookups and one third party controller. I bought the console from a pawn shop, but I have only used the console twice since it was in my possession(both times to play Smash Bros.)

The Games that will be in this lot:
Madden 07(previously offered)
Pro Action Replay(won’t be pictured when pics come up)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
F1 2002(previously offered)
WWE Day of Reckoning
Tiger Woods 2003

Price: $55 shipped or Best Offer





how much for the games each? or is it only bundle

You have your ball park range at $50 but no money bids/offers. Post the actual price if you have something else in mind for this bundle.

You can make a offer for the games, but I would like to get rid of it as one lot if possible.

Price drop.

NOTE: I am willing to sell the games seperate. Just make an offer for them.

i will give u $5-10 for double dash but it depends on the condition of the game. can i get some pics of the CD and a couple of views of the case. btw that price doesnt include shipping =\

Double Dash is currently on hold for pc1x1. You are currently second in line.

would u happen to have any wavebirds by chance? i need one for my wii lol

What you see in the pics is what I have.

Sonic Mega Collection
Sonic Gems Collection
TimeSplitters 2(in a plain case)
Megaman X Collection(in a plain case)
Metroid Prime 1 and 2
Mario Kart Double Dash
Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker
Megaman X Command Mission

Have been sold.

Skies of Arcadia has been sold.

Is the gamecube lot still for sale? If so can you make an update on what’s available?

How much for just the cube?

Updated on what’s available.

Traders: I am also willing to trade! Make an offer.

How much just for the games? Send me a PM thanks

Hey Sanji, i’m sure we’ve talked trades before, but i can’t remember your wants. I’ve got a lot of random old gen stuff, a few hori sticks, some korean stick parts. If you’re looking for next gen stuff, i got nuttin. :slight_smile:

If I didn’t have a wii, I woulda bought this.

I’m reading the PS1 thread where I last replied to your thread, I asked for SFEX+a, but give me a list of anything that you are willing to trade for this.

However, if you have Marvel for PS2, I’ll give you a dreamcast on top of the package for it.

Yeah sorry, I sold SFEX. My current ps1 games are on another thread i made about a page or two back. I have almost every PC game from the 90’s, a flip top transluscent blue bulky ps2, !!!CASE!!!-modified xbox1 with 2 psx adapters, i think i have s-video adapters for both, tons of hori and agetec buttons, few sets of salaubi and crown buttons/sticks, seimitsu ls-56 used with small harness, ps1 ds pads (A and H series), saturn pad, hori pcbs, sixaxis pcb… i have a few ps2 games i can list if you want but it’s nothing spectacular. That’s all I can think of for now. If only one thing interests you i could maybe do a partial trade an pay the rest. I’ve been wantin to play smash for a while but never wanted to shell out money for a cube. Plus i know you like them trades. :slight_smile:

Gamecube pending trade to poon!

Poon, I’m interested in the xbox and the fat PS2. PM me more info and pics on them. I’ll pick one, I promise.