WTS games and other stuff

Looking to get rid of the following:

Lost Odyssey (360)- $15
Arcana Heart (import PS2)- $15
Alpha Anthology (PS2)- $15
Guily Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)- $15
King of Fighters XI (PS2- two copies)- $10
Tekken 5.0 (PS2)- $10
Capcom Classics Collection 2- $15

Prices listed for games include shipping. All games have case and manual. Will listen to reasonable offers.

Hey Chachi, how nice does the CvS2 look? I’ve got a buddy looking for one but he wants it to be a really nice copy.

Case is in excellent shape, disc has no scratches on it.

Stick is sold.

What’s the condition of Arcana Heart, AC, and SFAA? Interested in all 3, also wondering if they’re complete with case+manual.

AA is once again available and is in good condition.

Arcana Heart and AC have some scratches but are still playable. All games have case and manual.

-SFAC is sold.
-Price reduced on CvS2.
-Capcom Classics Collection 2 added.

-Added VF5 and dropped prices on a couple of games.

i’m interested in cvs2

also how is the condition on guilty gear?

Hey Chachi, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’ll take the CVS2 for 15 if you toss me a pm. Can pay tommorrow morning

PMs sent.

What kind of shape is VF5 disc in?

Good shape, no scratches. I’m surprised my 360 didn’t chew it up by now.

I will take it if that is cool with you. Paypal?

Sent you a PM sir.

Sweet will send right nowz.

CvS2 and VF5 are sold, thanks guys!

BlazBlue added. Don’t QQ for me, I’ll probably pick up standard edition later and play at hookups/tournies in the meantime…

PM sent :tup:

ZOE is sold (actually was sold a bit ago)

Blazblue price reduced.

Checked my UPS tracking info this morning and my stick is set to arrive this afternoon :smiley:

Hopefully I’ll have it by the time I get home from work.

Thanks again Chachi, I’ll leave feedback once I get it.

Buyers, don’t hesitate to buy from Chachi, he’s great!