WTS: Games and Wired Controller *Lots of new items*

Xbox 360 175W Power Brick/Cord - $15 Shipped

Microsoft HD Cables - $10 Shipped

Microsoft White Wired Xbox 360 Controller + Xbox Live Wired Microsoft Headset - $25 Shipped

Rare Gears of War Faceplate + Gamestop Island Faceplate and Original White Faceplate - $10 Shipped

360 Games All games are in great condition and have manual and case.

Facebreaker - $10 Shipped

Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights - $12 Shipped

Gears of War $12 Shipped

All payments should be paid through PayPal. I accept Money Orders too, but prefer PayPal.


bump, new buying option.

bump 360 on hold. other items still available. lowered Silent HIll price.

Still taking offers on 360, even though its on hold.

do you have any pictures of the xbox? I don’t really need the HD cables, is it possible to include the controller instead?

Bump, Lots of new stuff.

Can you post up a pic of the gears of war faceplate?