WTS: Games & Anime

Got some things I’m trying to get rid of. All prices are shipped but are open to offers as well. If you think something is too high let me know. I’m open to trades as well but no MAS sticks. Don’t really like American layout. :sweat: I accept paypal and prefer it. Thanks


Virtua Fighter 5 for the 360 - 30 shipped (Mint)

Gears of War for the 360 - 18 shipped (Mint)

Dead or Alive X2 - 15 shipped (Mint)

Call of Duty 4 for the 360 - 40 shipped (Mint)

DOAX - 13 shipped (mint)
DOA Ultimate (2 boxes) - 13 shipped (Mint)

Have these anime for sale- ALL dvds are Region 1 and in mint no scratch condition.

Anime- ALL ANIME including books for 195 Shipped.
Iria 3 Disc Set - 25 shipped

Chobits DVD 1-7 Complete - 35 shipped

NOIR DVD 1-7 Complete - 40 shipped

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete 1-4 - 20 shipped

Last Exile 1-7 Complete Box Set - 45 shipped ON HOLD

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Vol. 1 - 5 shipped

Cowboy Bebop The Movie - 9 shipped

Nanako’s Secret Collection DVD Box Set 3 DVD - 20 shipped

Cowboy Bebop Manga (5 Books) complete set - 25 shipped

Bruce Lee Books - Fighting Method 1-4+Tao of Jeet Kune Do - 26 Shipped

PSP Logitech Carrying Case (used) - 10 shipped


4 Gig ULTRA duo card by sandisk. Practically brand new and can be used with a psp. This is the ultra which reads and writes A LOT faster than the regular cards. I had it for my psp but ended up selling it and now I don’t have a use for this. Placing the price at $50 shipped OBO.


My paypal address is:


I’ll ship out items as soon as payment is received. Thanks

how many books in the bebop manga set?

5 total.

Bump, Ipod Video SOLD

And various prices reduced.

Bump, Posted pictures on various things. I can post some up of the anime dvds and boxsets if someone requests them.

beatmania controller for $20 shipped? and everything works right?

you sold it to someone else AFTER saying ok to me? that’s fine. I wanted to back down but wasn’t sure about it (needed to save money). this helps me decide. sorry about that.

Sorry, assumed you didn’t want it after you didn’t reply.

Need a gamecube?

Not really, already have one. What games do you have?

Bump, price reduction on most things.

Bump, more price reductions.

Kiddy Grade on hold. Need to get rid of some of these to help me pay for another pc. :wonder: Various price reductions.

Bump, added a few things.

How low are you willing to go for Virtual fighters?

Also what is DoA X2?!

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach volleyball 2

Man, you really want that game but don’t want to buy it. :rofl: It’s practically brand new which is why I don’t want to go lower. Give me a week or so for more people to check it out and then I’ll reconsider the price.

Cool Thanks…Pm me when you want to talk some more :slight_smile:


…hey Loyalist: long time no text.

Bump, price reductions.