WTS: Games, guitar, yu-gi-oh cards, ect

Alright, I have more items I need to sell so I can make it to EVO. If I receive a pm for more than one person for one game then I will end up selling to the highest bidder. Likewise, depending on the item, I may be able to mark it down. With all that said here we go!

First up is the DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (the first one) with everything that it came with when I opened it. Everything is in perfect condition and I have everything (that I am aware of) unlocked. Works perfectly. I am going to start selling it at **$30.00 USD. **

Next I have Fianl Fantasy 1+2 (game only), Final Fantasy 4 (has everything with a little dent on the side of the box), and Final Fantasy 5 (has everything and is unopened). I am willing to sell these separatly but all together as a package I will sell them for $30.00 USD.

The DS Final fantasy 3 with everything that the game came with and a strat guide I will be selling for 30.00 USD.

I will also be selling a Greatest Hits Xenogears (has everything it came with and the disks are in excellent condition) for $30.00 USD.

Grandia for the PS1 will be selling for $20.00 USD. It has everything except the book and the disks are in perfect condition.

The famous Disgaea (the first one) for PS2 with book, case, everything in excellent condition I will be selling for $60.00 USD. And Makai Kingdom I will sell for $25.00 USD. If someone buys them both I through in Phantom Brave with its sound trak, case, book, everything.

Lastly, my guitar. As sad as it makes me I never have the time to play it anymore and used to be a great guitarist. However now is the time to say goodbye to my Dean EVO Flat Top Electric Guitar (Mahogany body with mahogany set neck, flamed maple top with transparent color finish, chrome hardware, Grover tuners, zebra pickups). It comes with an awesome Dean case which cost me $150 when I got it. The guitar is in good shade, has a few scratches on the back, but plays beautifuly. The strings havent been changed for a couple months so it will need new strings, but it does come with Guitar Polish, Fret cleaner, a bunch of picks, and an awesome guitar strap. I will also through in my multi pedal (has Digital delay, chorus, and overdrive) all for $500.00 USD. I also have a Crate that has a built in tuner, Solo (gain and level), Clean, equalization (low, mid, and high), and DSP. Comes with a chorus pedal and a Metal Master Distortion pedal all for $250.00 USD. If you buy them both together I will sell it for $700.00 USD.

Shiping cost will depend on what I am sending. I dont mind taking check or payments through paypal and I will send as soon as I get the money. If you have any problems trusting me for whatever reason I have an Ebay account where everything I did sell has gotten a positive feedback under MrMamation.

I’ll post up info on the yu-gi-oh cards later.