WTS - Games, joysticks, controllers

So I have a bunch of items that I want to sell to fund a case that I’m going to purchase from Nitewalker:) All this stuff has very little use except for the Hori EX-2 which has some extra wear but it was never abused, upgraded to a SE and then TE before that happened. Prices do not include shipping, PM your postal/zip code and i’ll be happy to get the shipping cost for you. I’m in Toronto if anyone wants to meet locally.

First up, a bunch of Xbox 360 and PS3 games that i’ll never play and might have not even played:

Mortal Kombat with unused online pass -SOLD
The Last Remnant - $5 or free with purchase of PS3 game
Dragon Age: Origins - $5 or free with purchase of PS3 game
Little Big Planet 2 - $30 - “New” by Gamestop standards, never played
Infamous 2 - $28 - Still sealed came in PS3 bundle

Game bundle - Last remnant, dragon age, little big planet 2, infamous 2 - 55 shipped

Xbox 360 Hori EX-2 stick - $OLD
Stick is modified with Cherry switches, Sanwa Octogate and white Sanwa ball top, still have green one if you want it.

Hori EX turbo controller for Xbox 360 - $14
Very little use

Hori Playstation 1 Fighting stick PS -SOLD
Never used by me, but I bought it used.

Sanwa JLF pulled from VLX - Not selling anymore
Red IL Eurostick - $8 - New, never used.

PS3 VLX PCB - Sold
LS-33 seimitsu joystick - Sold

Thanks for looking.

PM sent for the VLX pcb! I’d like to have a backup.

bump for price drops.

Pm ed

can inboxes get full now? i didn’t get your PM

Is there no dustwasher on the LS-33?

ya, it comes with a dust washer and white or black ball top.

I’ll grab the LS-33 from you. Sending PM.

LS-33 is sold

VLX PCB is pending payment.

Lemme know if the VLX PCB deal doesn’t go thru. I’d like to have it for a new project, thanks!

Selling new stuff :smiley:

MK 9 sold
Prices lowered.

bump again

Interest in the Hori Playstation 1 Fighting stick PS

Interested in the Hori EX2 as long as it still works. I have a TE-S for PS3 for trade

are you saying that you would trade me your TE-S for my ex-2? that sounds like a great deal! but a little suspicious…lol…

Yes but you’ll have to add cash. I’ll PM you

is the PSX stick moddable ?

Free bump for the Hori PS1 stick! That was the stick I learned to play FGs on, pretty sweet little stick.

@Antonio - there are guides out there to mod it, if you dig deep enough. Might not be the easiest stick to mod though.

so everything works perfect with the stick? or you havnt test it out yet ?