WTS: Games, Manga, etc

I’m trying to get rid of some old stuff I don’t really use anymore. All prices are OBO (PRICES NEGOTIABLE), ship to continental US only. I’ll do pictures on request. All games are complete unless otherwise noted. Limit one free item per purchase. First come first serve on free stuff - to prevent myself on getting screwed on shipping, you can only get a free game with a purchase greater than 5 bucks unless you wanna compensate some for shipping (if i find there’s no significant different in price then don’t worry about it).

PS2 Games:
Way of the Samurai (original, Blue Disc, sticker smudges on case) - 15 shipped
Medal of Honor Frontline (original) - 5 shipped or free with another purchase.
Onimusha 2 (original) - 8 shipped
Midnight Club II (original, manual holders broken) - 5 shipped or free with another purchase
Final Fantasy X-2 (disc only) - 8 shipped

Splinter Cell (original, used stickers on box) - 5 shipped or free with another purchase.

N64 :
Killer Instinct Gold(cartridge only, some scuffs) - 25 shipped.
Gameshark pro (cartridge only) - 12 shipped.

Pro Pinball - free with a purchase
Mechwarrior 2 (crack in jewel case) - 5 bucks shipped, free blah blah
Twisted Metal 2 (greatest hits, cracks in jewel case) - free blah blah
Bust a groove 2 (sticker smudge on jewel case) - 65 dollars shipped? apparently this is rare according to amazon…

Oh My Goddess! #1-6, dark horse publication - all for 50 shipped, prefer to sell as a set but will sell individually. Name a price.

added a couple things, switched a price or two.