WTS: Games (many systems), accessories, guitar valve booster


Shipping is $4 to U.S. unless noted otherwise. International buyers I will provide shipping price for on request. Thanks for looking.

Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5 - $36

Playstation 3:
Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition, comes with Pre-order art book & Metal Gear Saga vol. 2 DVD: $45

SNES, just the cart, no box/manual
Donkey Kong Country: $5
Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan): $11
Super Metroid: $11

Big Brain Academy: $16
WarioWare: $20

Advance Wars Dual Strike: $11

Sonic Adventure DX: $8

Playstation 2
NeoGeo Battle Colliseum: $5
Karaoke Revolution vol. 3: $25
Karaoke Revolution American Idol: $10
GuitarFreaks/DrumMania V 1: $40

Secret Weapons Over Normandy: $3
King’s Quest V (CD): $4
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault: $2
SOLD Aliens vs. Predator 2 (no case, just discs): $3

Pitfall: $36
RBI Baseball: $1

DDR Konamix: $15
Arc the Lad EXTRAS, no game: $11

XMD-3: $60
Plugs into a 32X or GEN/MD model 2 – not the launch, asymmetrical one – outputs: RGB through SCART cable or VGA cable; S-video (cables not included, but you can just get generic ones at RadioShack or wherever).

Cool device, but I got my SEGA behemoth in component video now and don’t need it. Retailed for 7000 yen new; I paid $100 for it on eBay a few years ago, very rare. Has box/manuals (in Japanese but has pictures).

Guitar effects
Ibanez Tube King TK999US: $85
not my eBay link, but here’s a pic and a short description


pmed for a bunch of stuff. thanks.


I have a question on shipping. Is the shipping a flat fee(i.e. I buy $20 worth of stuff, shipping would be $4) or would it accrue with each individual item that I buy(I buy 3 items for $20. Shipping would be $12 because I bought 3 items)?


No, I’ll definitely combine as cheaply as possible if you’re buying more than one item. If you give me a list I’ll let you know what combined shipping will be.


hey chris i’ll take avp2 next time you’re in town. aliens are the randy of that game.


haha, OK – you can just have it, consider it a down payment for future maintenance :stuck_out_tongue:


Secret Weapons Over Normandy
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault



Wind Waker
Skies of Arcadia



PM’d you about some DS games


Pics requested of MAS:




retract. sorry.


Bump. Lowered some prices and deleted sold items.


PM’d on the Mas stick. I"m interested.


Paypal’d you for the Mas. Please add insurance/trk #. Thanks.


Updated/price drops.


Added RE5 (360)