WTS : games ! SFIV , KOF XII , Gears of War 2 ALL $17 EACH


All games in mint condition.
The 360 SFIV has a very small hairline scratch, NOT a circular scratch.
I accept paypal only.

SFIV (360) : sold
** CE material, -SOLD-** (Ties that bind dvd, soundtrack, viper figure)
SFIV (PS3) : sold
KOF XII (360) : sold
Gears of War 2 : sold

If you want the CE materials for 360 :


10 shipped for the bonus material? if so pm me


Sure. pm’d




if GOW2 is not taken by sometime saturday (hopefully I’ll be paid today or tomorrow) I would gladly get those from you.


Hey, it probably should be available I think? Also CE SFIV items sold to ibeatu


going to send you a PM for GOW2 now.




Got them, responded!
SFIV PS3 sold
GOW2 pending


pm sent


Dang it, if KoF was for the PS3 I’d be all over this! GLWS!

  • Jimmy


hey your blaz blue still up for sale? I might buy the KOF XII too. just pm me please


pm sent


Uh…i think im sold out…wow!
Everyone’s stuff should be shipping out (later) today, minus the KOF. You should get automatic notices via paypal.


Lucky butts! I have to wait for eCheck clears! D:


OK yep, everything was shipped minus KOF.