WTS : Games/Tekken 5 Hrap Stick/More Items add soon


All items being sold are (USA) only. Local pickups are welcomed Orange county/ Los Angeles.

Items 4 sale:

Rare Tekken 5 game and HORI stick bundle for ps2. $55 shipped.

Street fighter x Tekken with guide for xbox 360. $20 shipped

More to come soon. If you don’t like a price, we can work something out. Don’t be afraid to shoot me an offer.

WTB: HRAP 2 SA or PS2 stick

PM/Convo sent.

edit - are you willing to sell those seimitsu buttons alone?


PMed for Hori ex with buttons and PCB


pm’s answered.

Added new items!


MAS sticks up for sale everywhere! 'Tis the season I guess. If I had the cash I would snatch that beauty right up. Best of luck with your sale, brother.


PM’d about Hori PS3 case


Thanks dr. Pro! Pm’s answered hori ex cases sold!


Added Hori Hrap case!


wii fightstick sold! all packages have been shipped! No one wants a MAS Stick oh my.

some price drops!


Might be interested in the telling stick


Sideshow20 make it happen! Collectors item! I never used it. Just bought it and kept it in the closet.


How much for the Tekken 5 stick picked up locally?


$55 picked up.


MAS STICK price drop


I got the Hori ex2 in the mail yesterday. Instantly pulled out the soldering iron. I had some spare Sanwas which were also the perfect color.



@Explorer, that looks godlike loving that hori ex2!!

MAS 360 stick sold!!! Finally!


Sf4 AE 360 and umvc3 sold!!

Added semitsu brawl stick n price dropped items! Help me clear all these stuff!!


once again, i’d have to ask, if you’re willing how much for those purple seimitsu buttons + bubble top ONLY (not interested in the brawl case :P)? peace


Price dropped brawl stick with purple Semitsus!


I’m actually interested in the XBox 360 brawl stick for the PCB.

  1. Is there anyway you’d be willing to deal off the Seimitsu parts
  2. Is the Stick the Mad Catz stock version?