WTS: games

Console games:<br>
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition/Street Fighter x Tekken combo pack from SF25 set (360, brand new) - $35 shipped<br>
The Walking Dead (360, like new - not Survival Instincts) - $24 shipped<br>
Persona 4 Arena (360, like new) - $24 shipped<br>
Persona 4 Golden (Vita, like new) - $30 shipped<br>
Crysis 1 (360 - Games on Demand code) - $12<br>
Gears of War 1 (360 - Games on Demand code) - $3<br>
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (360 - Games on Demand code) - $7<br>
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition (360 - Games on Demand code) - $7<br>
Street Fighter x Tekken Swap Costumes for all characters (360) - $12<br>
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition all DLC costumes (360) - $12<br>
Vita 16GB Memory Card (brand new) - $38 shipped<br>
Steam games:<br>
Doom 3: BFG Edition $8<br>
Civilization 5: Gods & Kings Expansion $5<br>
Supreme Commander 2 $2<br>
Rogue Warrior $1.50<br>
Hitman: Blood Money $2<br>
Just Cause $1.50<br>
Just Cause 2 $2.50<br>

is this a normal legit thing to do- cause Im def in need of some cheap xbox time if so

They’re legit. I can ship the unscratched 3 month cards if preferred.

kk- Ill take the 3month

you have any more 3 month codes

I have two more.

id like to buy one, you got paypal?

if you have anymore 3 month codes I would like to buy one

Mr. Nannie hasn’t paid yet, but not counting his, I still have one left.

Do u still have the three month


Thanks for the deal on XBox Live 12 months!


PM you for the buttons and gates.

Bump. Added some systems and stuff.

New stuff in stock.<br>

can you post of a pic of that 25th anniversary set

http://i.imgur.com/fls1pO1.jpg<br><br>That’s the lower back corner that apparently got caved in in Amazon’s warehouse.<br>

pm’d you.

<br>Bump. New stuff.