WTS Games.

Paypal only. International ship will be extra obviously, PM me with an address for shipping costs.

Note: All games are complete, non greatest hits versions and, good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Pictures upon request. Prices are shipped.

Ps1 Games
Parasite Eve 20$
Brave Fencer Musashi 20$
Fear Effect (no booklet) 12$
Ps2 Games**
Hitman Collection 25$
Kingdom Hearts (fuckin gamestop gave me a red label disc ina black label case)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Both Kingdom Heart Games for 20$
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks 12$
Onimusha 1-3 all three for 18$
Psi-ops & Second Sight both for 12$
Prince of Persia 1-3 18$

Ps3 games
Warhawk - no Bluetooth 18$
Marvel Ultimate Alliance no booklet 15$

Hori FS3 - Used, Joystick and case still in great condition buttons hard to press Used for about a month. 35$

Bump. Old thread converted into new Trading thread.

ill give u marvel for that hori stick?

PM sent.


PM sent.

Silent Hill/Parasite Eve for CvS2?

PM sent.

Bump, tried the trade thing. Unfortunately, didn’t find anyone with my wants.

can you post pics of Ico? I’m interested

I will buy Silent Hill for sure. PM Sent

I’ll post pics of ICO later. As of now ICO, DMC and Silent Hill are on hold.

Removed Sold Item. Pictures of ICO and DMC games added (DMC 1 is gonna get resurfaced this saturday). It’s on hold but if that falls through Andytep is interested so he is next. BTW if any items are sold between now and friday they will be shipped saturday due to extreme business @ work this week.

Thanks for uploading the pics! Thanks for queuing me just in case.

Updated list. ICO, DMC 1 and 3 gone.

Parasite Eve still good?