WTS: Gamest / Game Guide Books- SF3:3S, VF1, SNK Art etc.. (on e-bay UK)


Hi Guys, have these sales going on at the min that Im sure some of you will be inteerested in:

SF3:3S / HSF2 Guide Book
Written by Alex Valle, Seth Killian, David Sirlin and many other top players for Brady Games. Features in depth movelists, strategies and artwork for SF3 & HSF2: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160362449288&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

Gamest Mook - for Virtua Fighter 1 -Very Rare:

Neo Geo Art Book - Art of SNK World Vol.2 - Neo Geo History:
Featuring Artwork from King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Art of Fighting, King of the Monsters, Sengoku, Robo Army and many more:

& also have Fatal Fury Special - Neo Geo 1993- Arranged ‘Image Albums’:

Panzer Dragoon 1 Official Guide Book:

Sega Saturn Magazine - 6 Issues from 1998:

Happy bidding :slight_smile:


Can someone from USA bid on the 3s book? Or is it UK shipping only?

All I see regarding shipping is:
FREE P&P Royal Mail 2nd Class StandardSee more services See discounts | See all details
Estimated delivery within 5-7 business days


Yes e-bay has this rather stupid system where it sets limits for certain categories on how much postage you can charge. For game guide books (which can be just as bulky as any book that you are allowed to charge postage for in another category) you are not allowed to charge any (official) postage go figure. Ofcourse what happens is that people just add the difference onto thier starting price. Retarded, but who am i to question e-bay in all thier wisdom…
Anyway, the price I’ve set is taking into acount UK postage cost which I know. I dont mind people from anywhere else bidding on my items as long as they are prepared to pay the postage, ofcourse i dont know how much that will be until i take it to the post office, and ill only do that if someone actualy buts it. Kind of a leap of faith for any non rich foreign bidder…
Soz but that the most I can say. I’d imagine with this item, since it is a US book (not japanese like my other sales) that you would be better off trying to buy it domesticaly new, rather than buy my copy and pay for shipping.
Here is a link:




More US peeps enquiring about the 3S book :slight_smile:

*See my post 2 above thnx.