WTS: GBA flash cart, Xbox1/PS2/360 games, WTT/WTB: Stuff, check thread


How’s it going Trading Outlet? Trying to raise funds to buy my best friend a present for his birthday. Help a brother help a brother out! :tup:

NOTICE: I can hold on to things, but only for about 2 or 3 days maximum. If you REALLY need me to hold it for longer, just let me know your circumstances and we’ll talk something out.

Here’s the list of stuff I’d be willing to trade for. All games traded for should be in complete condition and PCB related items should be in as good condition as I can get.

Games and gear:
Armored Core for Answer (valued at $20.00)

Now on to the selling part of the thread!

Xbox 360 Games

Virtua Fighter 5: ONLINE $13.00 shipped - This game’s in pretty much perfect condition. It’s complete with the original case, manual, and game disc.
Pics: 1, 2

WarTech: Senko no Ronde $14.00 shipped - Again, the game’s in pretty much perfect condition. Nothing’s missing and I thought it was a fantastic game for SHMUP fans. I just never could get into the game myself.
Pics: 1, 2, 3

Xbox 1 Games

GunValkyrie $8.00 shipped - A friend of mine once brought this over to play with me, but randomly decided to leave it here and never came to collect on it. It’s in too good of condition to sell to GameStop (not like they take Xbox 1 games anymore anyway), so I figured someone here must want it.
Pics: 1, 2, 3

PlayStation 2 NTSC-J Games

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Append Disc $12.00 shipped - I bought this literally just before Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus came out in the states. I don’t have a way to make my PlayStation 2 run other region games though, so this is worthless to me. Hopefully someone can make use of it!
Pics: 1, 2, 3

PRACTICALLY NEW ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders $19.00 shipped - I bought this from Play-Asia a while back, but like GGXXAC+ above, I can’t play it since I don’t have a way to run import PS2 games. It’s in practically speaking flawless condition though. I literally only opened the shrink wrap on it and touched nothing else. The disc looks brand new and the manual hasn’t even been touched.
Pics: 1, 2, 3

Gameboy Advance Games

PRACTICALLY NEW Pokemon Fire Red w/Wireless Adapter $44.00 shipped - I bought this copy from Best Buy way back when Fire Red and Leaf Green first came out. I never ever bothered playing it though, so it just sat around collecting dust. Practically speaking, it’s brand new. I haven’t even opened the box since the first day I got it and opened the shrink wrap. Comes with every single manual and insert (including that cool FR and LG poster), the Wireless Adapter for the GBA and the copy of the game, completely void of any data at all.
Pics: 1, 2, 3

Miscellaneous Stuff

EZ-Flash III 1Gbit (128MB) GBA Flash Cart w/ free GBA SP $64.00 shipped - The EZ-Flash company is in my opinion the best flash cart developer. Their EZ-Flash III was their greatest GBA era flash cart. It featured real-time clock, built in cheat engine, and the ability to play even the biggest 128MB sized GBA games. For homebrew and development on the GBA, you can’t get a more perfect kit than this. It’s served me quite well, but since I don’t play portable games anymore, it’s about time to let this go. I’m throwing in my metallic pink GBA SP with charging cable and official 3.5mm headset adapter as well in this bundle.
Pics: 1, 2, 3

Datel Gamecube MAX Drive 1000 Block Memory Card $18.00 shipped - Datel made some of their finest stuff for the Gamecube. Before Nintendo released their own 1000 block memory card, Datel already had them with the ability to back them up to your computer via USB to boot! I don’t have the original blister packaging (though who would want that?) but I am selling everything that came in the packaging. The PC software disc, the Gamecube software disc, the manual, and the Bonus Powersaves disc that Datel included. Has complete save data for a ton of Gamecube games which you can copy directly to your MAX Drive memory card.
Pics: 1

That’s all I got for now folks! Everything you buy will ship out by the end of the week! :tup:

Sold Stuff:
BioShock 1 Limited Edition w/out Big Daddy figurine SOLD!!!
Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector SOLD!!!
Seimitsu Button and Balltop Set SOLD!!!
Original Nintendo DS with Acekard 2i Flash Cart, 4GB Micro SD Card, and Hori Nintendo DS Stand SOLD!!!


Gl on ur sales idk y I expected to c a wii:)


Thanks a bunch ibeatu! Nah actually, you’ve got it backwards. I’m actually saving up for a Wii! :lol:

Seimitsu parts set on hold!


Bumping with a new title. I figured “Spring Cleaning Sale” didn’t sound very appealing since it sounded like I was getting rid of trash or something. :sweat:

Alright SRK, have at it! :tup:


I’ll buy bioshock, pm me your info


PMs replied to. BioShock has been SOLD. :bgrin:


Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector on hold.


Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector has been sold! :bgrin:


I came in thinking you were selling sticks :sad: GL on sales.


Haha, thanks a bunch LBC. Can’t do much stick selling if I only own 1 stick though, can I? :lol:


If I can so can you :cool:


I could be mistaken, but you were one of the guys who was overtaken by the “Need funds to support my family/newborn baby, need cash” wave, am I not mistaken? Regardless of the reason, it must’ve been seriously rough having to sell all of your sticks. I can’t imagine playing fighting games without them, to be honest! :sad:


Daily bump! Help me out here Trade Outlet! :bgrin:


Bumping for price drops!


Ahh, wish I had a way to play import PS2 games, that ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders is a great deal.


Daily bump! Help me out Trading Outlet!


I would soooo buy Gun Valkyrie… if I didn’t already own it. Great game.


I hear ya on that one The Realyst! Didn’t play through all of it myself, but what I did play of it was DAMN fun. Just wish I had an Xbox 1 to play it on. :lol:


Got Bioshock in today :smiley:

Great stuff, don’t forget to leave me a feedback too!


Great stuff! I’m glad it got to you so fast! I left you feedback as well. :tup: