WTS: Gibson SG Special and other guitar items

So, if anyone is looking for an electric guitar; I have two I need to lose, as well as an amp and a multi-effect pedal. I’m really just trying to clear out my collection and most of my old stuff is sold already. Sure you guys know by now that I am a hobbyist and like to build my own stuff, so I want to build my own amp and guitar next and I won’t need any of this.

Everything is priced to sell, great values, because they just need to go :nunchuck:

Wish I didn’t give up learning guitar. :sweat: Good prices though, good luck!

good prices, too bad you aren’t selling any fenders :wink:

WOW! That SG is a steal! That’s how much the cheaper Epiphone version would be, I am amazed


I have a MIM Fender Strat, I’m willing to trade for that second guitar… I so wish I had money.

Dude, but I would love you if you could hold it for me. I think I should be able to rake in the money in a month, max. I have other guitar gear, some other musical instruments… drools I’m in love.

By the way, how’s the stick building going?

Oh my, someone else who has an agile! I’ve got an AL-3500 myself (back when they made them, they have seymour duncan 81 and 85s i think). Verrrry nice sounding and easy on the hands guitar.

And a GIBSON for $500 IS a steal


I want. I’m selling my Wii, it’s in that crazy selling-your-wii-or-ps3?-COME-HERE! thread. Do you want a Wii, Segaman? xD

Sent y’all one dem silly 'ol PM’s.

I would definitely dedicate more time in guitar than rather playing games. Good luck!

Wow nice! I would buy this if SFIV didn"t take up all of my time haha.

very nice.
so did refinish the guitar with the brown or the black?

btw would you ship this or is this only for pick up?
i’m currently in Berkeley, CA for college but I am going home soon so I don’t know if I can even take it on the plane - -

Both guitars sold, sorry guys :P.

I have the amp and multi-effects pedal left.

maaaan thanks anyways nareg
i prefer having single effect pedals rather than multi digital =T


you sold guitars on srk? wow

I don’t think it’s all that surprising, we’re a pretty diverse bunch, we just all have one thing in common that brought us to this site. =] I myself play Ukulele, train in the art of Muay Thai, and collect Role Playing things like miniatures and books, aside from just Street Fighter.

yea i was surprised too lol

lol. Man I might’ve gone for that brown Gibson if I’d seen this thread earlier. Nah, I wouldn’t have. I’m broke as hell.

Wow, I missed out bad. :sad: