WTS: GNC Mega Men Performance & Vitality Program

Bought two on a whim…damn GNC swindlers…selling this one. It’s sealed and brand new.


Retails for $50

Selling for low price of 25$ shipped

expiration date?

ironic theres a product called “mega men” with a first response from chris hansen?

Hmmm I don’t see the expiration on the box, but it was bought 1.5 weeks ago ~

dropped price a lil…take this off of me !

I looked at the website and could not find a list of the vitamins that are in this pack. I need to know if these vitamins contain iron or not.

I just checked the huge list of supplement facts on the box, and have found no Iron.

Ok, I’ll have to check a bit just to be sure. This is a really good deal but I have a medical condition where I cannot get ANY iron that doesn’t come normally in food as my body can’t handle it and has put me in the hospital more than once.

Damn! Yes please do make sure. I thoroughly checked the package and saw no ingredient in any of the individual pills lists or general supplement facts list that listed Iron as a component.

Drop me a PM or post in this thread, after making sure (and if you’re still interested)

I’ll be honest, I never expected to see anything on SRK for sale that had the word “prostate” in it.

lol touche

final price dropz ~