WTS: godspu blank custom case $220 shipped(us)


need money badly and quickly so i busted ass getting one of my personal cases ready for sale.

have someone lined up for it if it doesn’t move here by the evening of sep 1st. i am willing to wire it up with whatever guts you want but i absolutely NEED $200 paypaled to me by thursday evening. any parts/ labor for the additional work we can discuss thereafter. i won’t be around a computer for some parts of the day so if you want to secure it you can call nick @ 440.610.0780

purpleheart 8 button te layout extra stick spacing. reverse mount neutrik routing, room for st, sel, home, and led control on front. metallic gold paint w/matching jlf mounting plate, threaded inserts for bottom panel and all brass hardware.





Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

a buddy of mine bought it to help me out but told me to leave it up for a bit in case anyone who was really in love with it wanted it more

godspu graphics are vinyl and can be removed/ replaced and gold can be repainted if necessary