WTS: GoPodular (Xbox360/PS2) Arcade Stick PRICE DROP

I’m selling my GoPodular joystick (Xbox 360 & PS2) for $125 shipped (visit their website for more details on the stick).

It has a Sanwa joystick with Happ Competition buttons (the good ones from 2007) laid out Japanese arcade style. The decal was an Astro City layout I designed myself in Illustrator. The decal has a few nicks on it.

It comes with two interchangable cartridges that allow you to use the stick on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 2. There is a slight rip on the ribbon that helps you remove the 360 cartridge from the joystick, so you have to be careful when switching cartridges.

I’m selling it because I’ll be moving to Singapore in a few weeks and need the cash.

$125 shipped to continental US via USPS with Delivery Confirmation. Paypal only. PM me if you’re interested

I’ve dropped the price of my arcade stick.