WTS: Green PS-14-K (snap-ins) and PS-14-KN (screw- ins) Seimitsu buttons

I have 6 green PS-14-K (snap-ins) buttons and 2 green PS-14-KN (screw-ins) for sale. As you know the snap-in are discontinued and only the screw ins are available now. I’m also throwing in a bubble balltop. The balltop has a cosmetic fracture but nothing major. Asking $32 shipped paypal sent. pm only

Interested in selling JUST the 6 snap ins?

not yet.

hey, i thought you were going to look up the price with shipping to canada :frowning: i was prepared to pay…-.-

nothing is being sold yet. i’m too lazy finding out what it takes to get it to canada.

Using the small flat rate usps box it should be $10. Plus a customs form needs to be filled out.

thanks for the assistance Gummowned. i really want these buttons for a Green Lantern Stick i’m building. Here is another example of how cheap it is, W00P MstR Fresh sold me 6 buttons and a balltop, and this is what it cost him.

still available.

I’d ask you to hold them (gonna make a Green Cammy themed stick soon) but I won’t have the money til the end of the money. Good luck selling :slight_smile:

If you are looking at trades at all check my stuff out: http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=236007

Would you be willing to sell just 1 screw in? I have a broken one that needs replacement. :confused:

bump up for sale.

i’ll take it if still available!

damn, i can’t believe these are still for sale. should have sold them to me.

If you can hold on to them till Wednesday, I take them!

updated post.