WTS: Guilty Gear Xrd TE2 (Sold)

Nothing for sale now.

VS case sold! :smiley:


Is it only compatible with ps4?

Works on ps3 as well, but the PS button doesn’t work. Functions like a PS4 pad when you plug it in via USB.

Bump for an awesome stick! More pics can be found here. GLWS


Any pics?

Are you the person selling it on SFO Craigslist?

Don’t bother, I sent this guy a PM days ago and got no reply. Guy in SF didn’t answer my mail either.

Some people just don’t like money I guess.

Oops, forgot I posted this, lol.

Sorry, sold it locally. My bad. Just started a new job and have been crazy hectic. Sorry, @Rob2D. :frowning: