WTS: Gutted Hori fighting stick cases

I have two black Hori fighting stick cases that I gutted from a previous mod I would like to get rid of. These are the PS2 Soul Calibur II stick cases.

They will easily fit sanwa buttons on the plate, sides and even in the 24mm holes (24mm hole can perfect fit sanwa plunger and microswitch). A JLF can be mounted if you widen the mounting holes directly on the base. Mounting height will be a little higher (I personally preferred this). I can also add two kowal short shafts with the cases for extra if you would like them.

These cases were drilled to add two additional buttons on the side, a dedicated home button and a neutrik adapter hole for detachable cable. I also removed the art work and spray painted the cases black along with the top is the screws (spray paint is not perfect and has a nick in them now).



They are small and compact, but can fit a lot in it. The following picture is an example form the mod I put it in (MC Cthulhu + ImpV2 + padhack).




How much for the pcb?

I already cut the cable on the PCB for Cthulhu cables (I even took the microswitches). They would be pretty useless now. But if you want them, they are free + shipping.

Bump price cut.

Interested in the pair of cases and short shafts. PM sent.

Do have how to how you did this I got case this going be my first build