WTS: Hand Painted Street fighter Artwork

so my friend asked me if i could post this up here and see if anyone was interested at all.

he asked me to list the artwork starting at like 1000$ but the price is extremely negotiable. (the 1000$ is for all 3 of them) if this price is too high (as it probably is) then please post a offer that you find more reasonable.

they are all on real canvases 1 of blanka 1 of ryu and 1 of ken. dimensions are 18 by 36 inches and the artwork actually continues onto the sides.

let me know what you think, oh and if i did this wrong i’m sorry i’ll update this post as need be, but i think i followed all the rules.

As sick as these are, $1000 seems kinda steep. Best of luck with the sale, though. Although I’m not sure if you’ll be allowed to sell fan art. As I recall I think a couple of topics got shut down for trying to sell art, and one for trying to sell custom SF4 plushies. don’t quote me on it, though I’m probably wrong, but hey, don’t wanna see somebody get in trouble.

Like I said, best of luck with the sale. :slight_smile:

ah, thanks for the advice. i just found in the rules thread what to put if i’m not sure on a price cause i think the price is a bit steep. and yeah if it’s against the rules i’ll just delete the thread, but i didn’t see anywhere that i couldn’t at least try ^^

Can’t blame a brother for trying, lol. :slight_smile:

Just go the OG eBay route and sell a ballpoint pen for 1,000 and include 3 free paintings.

DONT really do that.

Very nice! If I had the money I would gladly pay $1000 for them :confused: Hopefully I win the lottery soon.

Those are indeed pretty well done but I agree the price is too high unless the artist is very well known.

Your friend has talent though, no denying that.

Also, in all honesty, if people can make transactions of custom sticks with original art, then this should be fine, shouldn’t it?

Making prints might be even more lucrative. Many people can justify sick art for $20. 50 prints = $$$

scratches chin

I can do that.

I can do OG vector logos for tee shirts and stick art.

PM if you really want me to do that.

well, i know i’m not allowed to ask what people think something is worse. but i went ahead and talked my friend into lowering his price. he says to try 600 (so 200 each), i figured it was once again worth a shot.

btw i’ll be sure to show him this, he is gonna be excited by the props :stuck_out_tongue: