WTS: happ case with parts

Selling a empty happ case with 6 white happ comp button with white 1 and 2 player buttons, also has happ 360 stick with all parts and mounting screws ( not together ) and a ps1 dual shock but i cut the analog strip. The case is pretty bare and ready for custom work. The holes weren’t drilled by me, sorry if they look like shit. Asking 90 shipped. Paypal only of course. Pm if any questions or leave a post if u cant pm. thanks





man if you were selling this a week earlier, I would have picked it up. gl with the sale…

Damn I’d go for this but w/o the ps1 controller pcb though.

If you’re okay with that then how much would it be?

about 70 without pcb but will come with everything else

I’ll do this. Btw I haven’t worked with Happ parts before and I heard from my friend they use cherry switches. So does this set provide the cherry switches or do I have to provide them myself?

they use cherry switch but the joystick does not use any switch at all. you need to provide a power supply for the joystick.

yes it will come with cherries