WTS: Happ-Misc. Parts / Cthulu / Imp Lot

**All of this, shipped to you in a box for $65. **


27 concave

10 convex (new)

2 iL euro sticks (1 red/1 black, both new w/cherries)

17 cherries (6 new)

8 e-switches (4 new)

2 clear seimitsu screw-ins

1 blue sanwa snap (new)

1 Cthulu

1 Imp

The new stuff alone is about $40 value.

Everything else is as-is but should be working fine (cthulu could be cleaned up, I cut it from another stick).

**I’ll take seperate offers for Cthulu, Imp, or the sticks. But I’m not splitting buttons up unless it’s in a fairly large set. **

***Stuff I’m looking for or would trade for ***

  • SE/TE 360 pcbs

  • Dual shock controllers (depending on models)

i’ll buy the xbl points, pm me your Paypal =)

Someone else just pm’d me first. If he backs out, they’re yours.

Those points would go a good way towards those FGW converters you want :slight_smile:

Yeah I was selling them to get money for those. Unfortunately Ganelon got them first.

You want a stick sack?? Lol…

I havent gotten around to selling the one from last Evo yet… :slight_smile:

Pm sent

XBL points and stick sack sold/shipped.

Added other stuff.