Wts: Happ p360

Trying to sell my p360, its the one with no writings on it except the word 360, I don’t think its the new happ nor is it the wico ones. anyways the stick is kinda crunchy, when i was changing out the spring I assembled it incorrectly and when i put everything back together the stick became crunchy and grindy. I bought Golden nismor customize washer to remedy the problem but it still grinds.
Local pick up prefer but willing to ship
$40 obo washer alone cost me $37, i’m willing to take off a lil if you don’t want the washer. Its the blue golden nimor customized one.

UPDATED Condition: Ok after taking everything out apart, washing the plastic parts and applying bike lubricant grease on it the grinding got reduced by a lot, you can barely feel it, its about 90% to 95% smooth now, this might be a temporary thing but i’ll play with the stick and keep this thread posted.

it looks like this one in this picture