WTS: Happ/PSX PCB SF Anniversary Stick

This is for a modified Streetfighter Anniversary stick:

Happ IL Competition stick & Buttons(all green).
Start/Select buttons are stock Nuby(work fine).
2 Yenox hole plugs.
Proper 6-button layout
PSOne PCB wired by Zombie Cpt.
StreetFighter Anniversary stick case

This is a great, High-Quality custom Happ stick, inside of an excellent SFAC case. The only flaw with this one is the spindle thingy on the bottom of the stick(last picture) that the retractable cord wraps around, kinda wobbles a bit due to a mistake in the conversion(accidentally broke off a piece inside holding it secure, which is NOT visible unless you open up the case and look for yourself).

Other than that, this is a fantastic stick for the price, and the bottom retractable cord set-up still works fine as shown in the last picture below. Plus i’ll throw in a plain PSOne extension cord, and two extra Green Happ competition buttons w/cherry switches for free(not pictured).

Price: $95 total shipped. I accept paypal only and ship Quickly upon payment.

(Note- If you don’t like the Green, it is VERY easy to switch out the stick shaft & buttons with different colors later on).