WTS: Happs modded SFAC Stick, magic box, cvs2+3s xbl

Need to scrape up some extra cash for Evo. First, the Happs modded SFAC stick. it’s completely Happs, with a new competition stick and 6 Happs buttons. A PS1 dual shock has been put in it, it works perfectly on PS2.


I’m asking for $85+shipping.

next up is a perfectly working Magicbox converter for the Xbox. SOLD!!!

CvS2 for Xbox(no manual/case). It works, few scratches that don’t seem to affect how it plays. I’ll let it go for $15+shipping

Anniversary Edition for Xbox(complete with manual/case). Works perfectly, no scratches on it. $18+shipping.

have a look people!!

i’ll bring it no doubt. i’m willin to bargain with the price of the stick

i think i know somebody who my be interested on the stick… if you haven’t sold it by now…

I’ll take the Magic Box if it’s still available, PM Sent.

well its still here. tornado flame, stick to jap sticks, the stick is still up for sale!!!

if paper tiger doesnt take the magix box i willl… have paypal moneys ready so i call second dibs

well i already talked to paper tiger thru pm about it, you’re next if he falls through.

Payment sent. Sorry DJ, I needed this bad or I’d have let you have it!

Thanks ramza.

too slow, SOLD!!! 1st post updated