WTS: Happs X-Arcade Dual/2 PS1 Wired PCBs/2 Total control +/MVC2

$15 shipped each (Quantity 2) One in original packing and one not.

$50 shipped (comes with instruction manual)

Only shipping to the U.S

Both Total Control Plus’s, X-Arcade and PS1 PCB’s are sold out.

Are those white buttons on the X-Arcade? Are they convex or concave? I tried reducing the contrast and I had a hard time seeing it. Could you post a picture of the inside?

Are the ps1 pcbs Dualshock?

Yes they are dual shock

All Microswitches are cherry except the start buttons.

PM sent.

Is the X-arcade still for sale?

Yes the X-Arcade is still available if you still want it.

Awaiting tracking information.

Have you sent it out yet?