WTS: Head to Head Custom Arcade Cabinet





2 26" sony bravia monitors
2 VSHG Panels modded for xbox or PC (for PS3 Functionality add $200)
2 Hori Fighting Stick Pro Panels for PS3 or PC
2 Blank panels
Creative Computer Speakers
VPI component video splitter

Some writeups on the cabinet.



please PM me on here or email me at laakira@mac.com

Gerald, that is a masterpiece, good luck on the sale…

Your new Lindbergh inspired one is SO nice looking… I wish I had one for myself… I’d love to have a head to head Tekken cabinet similar to that…

O.M.G Dude :wow:, thats the most beutiful thing i have ever seen in my entire life, please somebody buy this thing, So bad that im broke right now :crybaby:, good luck selling that master piece :tup:

As much as I want it, shipping to here would be a killer >.<

:wow: :wow:

Oh dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyum.

I’d totally buy that if I had the cash, no questions asked, just straight up.


Did you remake it so it works for 360? Ala the new VF5 V.B? Also, I read somewhere that you bought extra sanwa parts just incase the FS3 parts didn’t work well, why get VSHG’s?

waits for bomber man or opis.

well it says the vsgh is wired to 360 and will work with pc
hfs3 for ps3 and pc.

Why must I always be mocked with the beauty in this website. If I keep coming on here I will go bankrupt >< ;

Wow, Nice Dual cabinet…but too space!

I interested but I not have enough my money.

Gerald, that is gorgeous. Someone should pick this up and put it at an arcade with Tekken 6 or Street Fighter 4.

that is a nice cabinet… 2 grand is a hefty price for such a thing though if a PC, ps3 etc are not included.

best of luck on the sale :slight_smile:

edit: those monitors are expensive…

i REALLY like the way thing thing looks and the way it would act if you did a head to head type setup for 3s or w/e you wanted.

i might have to hit you up about how ya made it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses so far, you guys. :slight_smile:

Thanks. If you are ever in LA, be sure to drop me a line so we can road test it with some vf. :wink:

I modded the vshgs to work with xbox. unfortunately I am a novice at electronics so I wasnt able to make them switchable between ps3 and xbox. However, if someone did want that functionality added, I can have that done for an extra $200. I liked the fs3 and the stick on the fs3 panel is a sanwa but after using the VSHGs for a few weeks it was hard to go back to anything else and I decided to make a panel with them. Later, the VSHG panel which I was using for ps3 got modded to work with xbox.

Hey Jason, thanks alot. :slight_smile: It would be cool but they would need to put locks on the doors to people dont steal the systems inside or the controllers, I think.

Sure, i’d be more than happy to share how I made it. If you follow the links, there is a little info on one of the sites as well. As for the price, its mainly because of the monitors, component video splitter, vshgs and the woodwork involved. If someone were to have the exact same thing built, they would be spending alot more than $2000. For example, fabricating only 2 vshg panels with precision cuts, rounded edges and the formica finishing cost me $250 and that was the lowest estimate I got from a pool of 8 cabinet makers.

I’m also making this available on here and virtuafighter.com first before it goes onto ebay. I would really like to keep this cab somewhere in the fighting game community. :slight_smile:

Gerald, my god man why are you selling this masterpiece?!

hey Shoo. I built a new one and now I dont have enough space for the old.

Sorry to keep asking questions on this thread, but the VSHG is just Sanwa Snap ins with a JLF. So you used the Hori FS3 buttons and then replaced the FS3 stick with a sanwa? I still don’t see why you could have just kept that and saved money on buying VSHG’s, since you’d end up using the exact same parts and for alot cheaper. Unless it was for the panel or something/pcb/design or hell even just personal preference. Etc etc, but anyways it’s a beautiful piece of work. I’d buy it but I’m poor.

Edit: What happened to the Ps3 and can we see pics of your new one?


long time no post on here :slight_smile:

L A Akira, I have just seen your new build - being a fan of actual Candy cabs from Japan and having owned many cabs over the past few years I have to say I really like your work, they are both very stealthy sleek and look to be well made units.

major longshot, but I’ll ask anyways - is there any chace you do a flatpack buildit yourself kit without the TV’s and hardware and could ship to the UK ?

i’d like to know this too!

I would also be totally interested in something like that as well.