WTS: Hitbox and used dual modded Madcatz SF fightstick

I’m selling two items today one is the hitbox that was used for 3 weeks and my madcatz fightstick which was dual modded for ps3 and 360 using the dual strike and the Teasy. The fight stick also has a octgon gate instead of a square one but I can send you a square one if you like. The fight stick is missing the door to the cord and the left top screw is loss, but it could be fixed by getting a thicker screw.

If I except your offer you will send your payment through my paypal account including the shipping and handling please or I can make a ebay auction so you (the consumer) have a extra layer of protection. Also I’m not doing this outside the United States(too expensive).

If you have any question don’t be afraid to ask me through SRK.

$250 + shipping&handling

$180+ shipping&handling

thank you for your time.

think you have to put a price up there, otherwise you break the rules.

You have to put up a price, or receive Infraction.
Offers are allowed, only if you first provide initial price.

Sorry about that I was just changing it.