WTS: Hitbox Black, brand new


Hi SRK, i ordered a hitbox and it finally came after a long wait wait. Unfortunately i broke my wrist while snowboarding yesterday and i dont think i can play fighting games for a while. the hitbox came this morning all i could do was admire it. here are some pictures. I`m looking to sell this at $165 with free shipping and handling. USA only i’ll provide tracking number.
this is for PS3/pc

I know the hitbox official website is selling for $160 plus $20 shipping…

here are some pictures.


Looks good, best of luck.


Sorry to hear about your injury, man. Sweet looking stick - good luck with the sale!


all good guys,

posted this beauty on ebay and got it sold within 2 days. of course ebay takes a hefty fee of $16 for using it…oh wells.