WTS Hitbox Case 100 OBO


The case is black Acrylic. Has some signs of wear and tear but nothing major…no cracks or breaks. Not in a rush to sell just getting a new case. want to see pics post email and I’ll shoot them to you. Thanks


Do you have pics?


Yeah post your email and shoot you a pic…I only have one on my phone but I can take others this evening when I get home from work



I’m interested how much? Im in the uk


Where in the UK??


Leicester, LE4 5PY


The shipping to that zipcode is over 200 bucks…the shipping would be more than the stick


Damn, thats a bummer


Is this still available?


Yes it is


So I have an Xbox, would it be easy enough to rig with the right PCB?


Xbox one or 360??


One, I’m tryna play dbfz if that matters.


Yeah its just an enclosure so i would get a Brook UFB and your good…thats what i run in all my custom hitbox sticks


Would you be willing to assemble everything if we got the parts and worked out a price? Do you want to pm me somehow


PM sent