WTS: Hitbox Multi-Console (360/PS3/PC)


Wanting to sell my Hitbox which I bought from KaneBlueRiver around September last year. It is in nearly perfect condition as I haven’t used it more than a handful of times.

Asking $175 (it is currently $225 new on hitboxarcade), but am willing to negotiate. I live in Japan but can cover international shipping depending on your location.

Thanks in advance.


How much would it cost to ship to Australia? Been looking at purchasing one lately, and I assume it’s the latest version with a PS360+?


Quite costly, apparently. Surface mail (which takes about 2 months) would be close to $40, and economy (about two weeks) would cost around $75. And yes it plays on PS3, 360 and PC.


Surely it cannot be that expensive and be USD too T__T


What province are you in? I can send you a figure if you like.


Melbourne, Victoria


Economy airmail would be $88 AUD, ground shipping would be $48 AUD. Sorry I was unaware of the exchange rate before. I’m willing to go half and half on the fee.


So 175 USD + 88 AUD comes to approximately $338 AUD, not including fees. Any chance you can do a sharper price?


Like I said, I’m willing to cover half of shipping which would mean $296 AUD overall for you. Still too high?


OH, my bad. I interpreted your last message as covering the exchange fee. Bring it down to $280 AUD and I’ll shoot the money to you right away.


There are bidders on other sites too so gimme a day or so. Thank you for keeping in touch so frequently.


Oh, please don’t break my heart.