WTS:Hori 360 VLX Premium Controller Dual Modded

Hi folks of SRK,
Times are rough at the moment since I am out of work and the recession isn’t helping much either for employment, unfortunately I have to let go of my Hori 360 VLX Premium dual modded controller.

This controller was lightly used only a couple of times since I’ve purchased it and everything is immaculate condition.The Hori controller is 12lbs itself; the controller’s base is mostly incorporated in metal, including the joystick panel making it very sturdy and comfortable to play at home. Inside the controller, there are additional buttons included that can be customized on the joystick panel to the player’s preference of choice.

I’m looking to sell this for 400 shipped domestically in the US, since the controller itself already cost $300 retail alone; A chimp board is also installed with the Hori controller, enabling functionality of both PS3/ 360 and it will auto-detect the console as soon as you plug the Usb in the system. I’m only selling to cover what the original cost was for the controller, along with the Chimp board, which I have waived the labor costs of dual modding it and the cost of shipping the controller in the US. Serious inquiries only! Feel free to ask questions for shipping overseas and such.
Thank you!

$400 shipped in an amazing deal for one of the handful of dual modded VLX sticks in existence.

Someone should scoop this up quick!

Oh man, I wish I could afford this.

all 8 buttons hacked on ps3?

Yes, it is.

pm sent

Anabolic, I didn’t get your PM.
Can you send it over again?

I got one of these tri-modded(360,ps3,and ps2) by gummowned at evo and I love it. $400 shipped is an amazing deal,I wouldnt let mine go for anything less than $550. DONT SLEEP PEOPLE!!!

yes and the PS3 is actually inside that monster.

(kidding but damn i want that stick!)


FUCK. I think I could have had the money together for this on Friday. Sorry to hear about your troubles, dude.

It goes for me! since here in Europe we cannot get them.

Spain wins! lucky me!