WTS: Hori Arcana Heart 2 Real Arcade Pro 2


Hori Arcana Heart 2 Real Arcade Pro 2

Was used once last year. Still in original box. Asking $100. Can throw in TVC and the Wii converter for $20 extra should you so desire. Will ship via USPS or UPS. UPS is already ballparked at about $15. For immediate response, you can email willguise at gmail dot com or send a PM.


Man I wish I had the money right now. I’d love to buy this but won’t get paid til end of november.

GL with the sale anyway. If for some reason it hasnt been sold by then I’ll take it, so I’ll keep my eyes on this thread




Price drop. $95.


price drop: $100 shipped.


price drop: $90 shipped in the US.


price drop: $85 shipped in the US.


any more Picz? sides, back, cable, ect of that AH2 hori.


The AH2 is a good stick… Much better once it’s modded. It comes with an arcade joystick (JLF with shaft cover) so you’re covered there if you’re hard up for money. The buttons definitely should taken off if you don’t like Hori standard and want to install Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

Bad thing about this stick (I’ve got two of them myself) is that the Hori buttons are soldered into the PCB and the PCB has a “unique button layout” that really isn’t good for most fighters. If you install Quick Disconnect wiring, I recommend desoldering the original button positions FIRST on the PCB THEN crossing the newly installed QD wires into an HRAP 2 SA/HRAP 3 layout for your buttons. Makes using the stick much more SFII/SFIII/Capcom/SNK-friendly. It’s nice not to have to re-assign all your because of a stupid one-game only layout!

Three points of concern with modding this stick…

  1. Disconnect the PS2 connector cord if it’s a 5-prong cord not directly soldered onto the PCB board. Probably can be removed safely like the Tekken 5 Hori PS2 connector cord (don’t have the AH2 PCB in front of me but Hori does a lot of things standard amongst its fight stick lines);
  2. when you are desoldering the buttons/attaching Quick Disconnect wiring be very careful to NOT overheat on the PCB and lift up the electrical trace (metal that conducts electricity throughout the PCB); this is a very heat-sensitive PCB and can be easy to damage; I know because ultimately I bought my first MC Cthulu as a result of screwing up an AH2 PCB! The Tekken 5 Hori PCB was definitely easier to work with. I couldn’t damage that PCB even though I was new to soldering on the first Tekken 5 (American) stick I modded!
  3. When you are grinding down the tabs on the 30mm button holes (Hori loves to put tabs on its licensed HRAP sticks! They’re a pain to grind off!), be more careful because it’s easy to damage the artwork or leave scuffs.

I like anime-style art and couldn’t bear to rip off the sticker art on my AH2’s. I got lucky with minor ‘decorative’ swirls caused by Dremel on the first AH2 stick I modded. On my second stick, I was lucky that the “swirls” were covered up completely by the Sanwa buttons.

Must admit I also swapped the original white ball handles for meshballs… I HATE white handles on most joysticks! I got pink and blue meshballs for my sticks depending on the color scheme of my dominant 30mm buttons. The first stick is a straight up color match of the original button layout so I used a pink meshball on it. For my second stick I replaced the pink layout with blue 30mm’s and swapped pink 24mm’s for the yellow 24mm’s. (Confession – next to white, yellow is my least favorite color! Every other damn stick comes with yellow buttons! I’d like more of a mix in the future from both Hori AND Mad Catz!) Therefore, my second AH2 stick has a blue meshball handle.

P.S. – Hori button colors, especially the blue’s, don’t quite match up with Sanwa colors. Hori blue tends to be a lighter shade. IF you’re a Seimitsu fan, you’re in some luck… Their light blue probably matches Hori’s better. Seimitsu buttons tend to be lighter shades than their Sanwa counterparts.

Also, Art Hong’s plexi overlays for the Tekken 5 joystick fits the AH2 stick perfectly. It’s a good buy if you want to protect the original artwork from sweat…


i guess i could furnish more pics, but as described, its only been used once and its been in its box for almost a year.

$80 shipped.


man that is a batgain…

is it $80 shipped to my side of the atlantic??


Probably not, your side is rape for shipping.
Bump, buy this stick, its at a great price! Really would love this stick myself, but I have 2 T5 sticks, can’t justify buying what amounts to a third one. GL.




Pm Sent


great price. gl with your sale!


Is this still available?


I just bought it 30 minutes ago, he said he’ll update the thread later.


yeah its been sold! thanks!


Oh okay. My apologies, just checking.