WTS: Hori Dual Shock Fighting Stick

Stick is stock, used it plenty for PS2 and have been using it on the PS3 for the last few months (while waiting to get a TE stick). Couldn’t garner a trade, so here goes:


Looking for $50 + shipping (from Socal). Payment: money order (no Paypal).

Tuesday bump. Received a PM, but haven’t heard back (yet).

Thursday bump


Maybe try lowering the price…Are you interested in any trades? I got a KEN PS3 fightpad im still trying to get rid of…

Does it work with the PS3 without lag or input drops? If so, you got yourself a deal. I live in Canada, BC. Hit me up on a PM or thefourstringsamurai@hotmail.com is my MSN. I’ll be on tonight at 6pm PST

$40 for the stick and no trades, sorry (have 2x fightpads as well, but that’s for non competitive play).

The controller isn’t the key with lag, it’s the adapter. There are some adapters that don’t lag, you’d have to look for one of them.

Are those pads for ps3?
Are you able to use the two fightpads at the same time?

Lemme know man, I’ll take it for the $40 but I am pretty broke right now. Are you able to wait a week or so? I get paid again this Friday but it’s a rent paycheque :frowning: I can ask the ol’ lady to spot me $40 though

hmmm…gona keep shoping a bit more.