WTS: Hori Ex 2 - Ls-32 / sanwa buttons 70$ - SOLD


70$ shipped… :smokin:

must use paypal



im goin to bed now as soon as i get up ill pay


this person is looking for what u selling
holla at him!


i did but AL bought the shit mega quick…its sold to him…thanks for playing everyone. lmao @ selling the stick in fukin less then 3 mins. SRK is great


i was gonna buy a few ps2 rpgs from a guy on here but someone sniped it from me about 1 min after the thread was made, no lie. my fault for my fat ass eating a fucking sandwich while typing:nunchuck::nunchuck:


God dammit I would’ve snatched this up in a second if I were here at the time.


yea same here. been looking for a modded ex2 for awhile.


Al you’re so fucking great, do you ever sleep? Fucking cookie monster!



It sold for less than what it cost to put together/ship.

Good deal!