WTS: Hori EX SE, Persona 4 Arena PS3, UMvC3 360, iL stick and buttons


Hey, got a few things to sell here since they’re not getting any use.

[S]First is a Hori EX SE stick that I’ve had for almost 2 years and barely used at all. The joystick is a Seimitsu LS32, and the buttons are Seimitsu as well. asking $80 shipped.[/S]

[S]I have a copy of UMvC3 for 360 for $20 shipped[/S], [S]and a PS3 copy of Persona 4 Arena that I preordered thinking I’d actually have a system to play it on by now. :lol: I’m asking $50 shipped for it.[/S]

Finally, I have a set of iL joystick parts. These are the “good” Happ parts with cherry switches, not the current Happ branded crap. I have a red Super joystick and 8 red concave buttons. Asking $15 for the stick and $25 for the buttons, $35 all together, shipping included.

Sorry, I can only ship to the US currently.




PM sent

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Persona 4 come with the soundtrack?


Sorry, that’s sold already. Sorry for not marking it.


No need to apologize, congrats on sale. good luck with the rest


Yo, Warpticon. I sent you a message about shipping, did you receive it?


I had replied, but it got eaten in SRK errors or something, I replied back.