WTS: Hori FS3 $35 Shipped


Need to sell these to raise funds for a HRAP3 SA:

FS3s - boxed and in great shape, used maybe 5-6 times, don’t really use it anymore since I bought the TE sticks. Good for modding if you’re into it, etc.

-$35 shipped.

I take Paypal and go with first come, first served. 100% positive feedback on ebay under vagabond07 and neo-geo.com under vagabond. Thanks for looking.

EDIT: FS3 sold, 1 remaining; TE sold


The TE:

Can’t tell 100% from the pic, but does it have a plexi on it?

How old is it?

What is the active use on the buttons/joystick?


against the rules, you cant have the buyer pay for paypal fees.


Buttons and joystick work fine when doing everything that doesn’t include loading a game. I actually had everything working fine before I realized the home button wasn’t working, which leads to my current problem. If you’re comfortable with modding/putting in a cthulu (which I’m not, unfortunately), you can have yourself a great deal here. I didn’t use these much either, honestly.

No plexi, sorry. It was a sticky laminate from kinkos.

It’s one of the launch models, one of two I preordered from Gamestop late last year.


Sorry I’ll edit that. Thanks.


If you’d take 60 I can pay ASAP


I don’t think there’s a rule against PayPal as a gift. The seller needs to be trustworthy though because you’re forfeiting PayPal’s buyer protection in doing so.


I don’t think that’s really something we want to get started with kyle. I think it’ll lead to only bad things for the trading outlet.

I hate the fact that Paypal is charging us for shit that was free a few months ago, but forfeiting buyer protection in an environment like this is just crazy. We’re not yet to the point where people can be trusted quite that much. There’s been too many rip-offs in the Trading Outlet recently for that to be a safe move. If SRK was able to enforce their Trading Outlet, then it’d be fine to do that, but seeing as buyers and sellers have to fend for themselves, forfeiting your right not to get ripped off is not a good idea.

Not to mention it doesn’t benefit the buyer in any way, so why should they be asked to forfeit their protection?

By the way, I’m not saying this seller is a ripoff artist, I’m just saying that this is a slippery slope that I REALLY don’t believe we want to go down…


I suppose you’re right. I’ve done it a few times with people I trust and have dealt with before. I would not want to do it with someone I didn’t know unless they had a very high iTrader score or a crap ton of posts. It’s pretty common on other forums though. I definitely wouldn’t want to see someone get screwed over and lose their ability to dispute the deal.


First of all, I’d need to know which item(s) you were acutally referring to. Second, I’d really like to get what I’m asking for here b/c I think it’s more than a fair enough deal to the buyer.

That being said, if no one else purchases these within a few days, I’d be willing to consider lower offers.


pm sent




Okay. fair enough. It was for the TE. If its shipped w/ at least priority Id be down for 70


PM sent.


payment sent for te stick


payment received. first post updated. thanks.


Would you be interested in trading the FS3 for a worn out Namco stick? ;o

(It’s worth a try!)


Hah no just looking for cash or any rare Saturn games.


All right. Are there any problems with the FS3 whatsoever?


check PM, and no.


Up for the night.