WTS: Hori Gundam Extreme Vs. Limited Edition Stick


Hi all!
As usual, all items are from my collection, never modded, never abused. Most are brand new or near mint. I live right next door to the post office so everything ships usually within 24 hours of payment.

Hori Limited Edition Gundam Extreme Vs. PS3 Stick: $280 Shipped!
Brand new, never played on, only removed from box for photos. SUPER limited production and released in Japan only. Stick is gorgeous and the box art is awesome. Only selling because I just had major work done on my car and could use the funds.




See now if you would’ve posted this before I would have definitely bought it. :wink:

Bump for beauty of a stick and GUNDAM!



Why? It’s the exact same stick as the one you wanted and then didn’t want.


Because this one isn’t the same generic SCV one that so many people have, it’s a more “exclusive” stick, plus it’s Gundam, one of my first FG’s was Gundam Battle Assault on PS1, I used to build the Gundam models, and it’s one of my more favorite anime. Enough of my life story lol :slight_smile:


Still for sale peeps, PM me if interested. Won’t bump again so if you still see this a few days from now, I still have it. Will remove if sold. Thanks!


my god that thing is gorgeous


It is really lovely in person. Hate to part with it but I have a museum of rare sticks and this one is the only one I can see going without me being too bummed out :slight_smile: no bites so far so it’ll probaby end up staying anyway lol.


Free bump for Japanese awesomeness


Bump Price Drop! Cmon peeps!


Bump…great deal and good guy…help a brotha out lol


Wow, I love that stick. Would love to buy it but I know I would be too afraid to actually use it, and the wife is on to my new-found hobby of buying arcade sticks, ha.
I just have to keep telling myself it’s only a variant on the Hori SCV stick I already have. A pretty, pretty variant. Actually, forgive my noobishness, but IS there anything that physically makes it different from the SCV? Other than that sexy art and the different colors of course. Good luck with the sale!


Same stick, just ultra small production run and only sold in JPN. :slight_smile: And I 100% understand lol…This hobby of ours is dangerous!


Round 1 added…




TE Round 1 Sold to Superbleeder.


Hey Yesmaster just curious, does hori number their limited runs like MC or no?


Sadly they don’t.