Have boxes for both! Paypal only.
VXSA (almost brand new…not even used at home casually)
modified with :
White Sanwa MESHBALL
6x Sanwa OEM Green/White OBSF-30 from Akihabarashop, not gnow.net Twisted variant
1 x 28mm Seimitsu White
**170 shipped USA **

V3SA (used very lightly)
modified with :
Black Sanwa MESHBALL
6x Heavy Duty Sanwa Red OBSF-30-RG ($6 a button!)
2x Sanwa Black OBSF-30

pm sent

decided the custom was the shit?

PM Sent. thanks

PM sent on VXSA

another pm sent

V3 is on hold, VX still up for grabs.

pmed for vx

VX still up…no ones paid yet.

Probably realized VLX was the shit, and how irrelevant every other stick in your household becomes. I’m in that boat.


pmed for vx

payment sent for v3sa!! :slight_smile:

pm sent

VXSA still up
anabolic can confirm my speediness and care on shipping! (hope hes enjoying that v3)

yes it is!!! awesome shipping and really packaged well!! and i enjoyed the stick for a while then straight to the collection. thanks again!!

haha really? damn…if i didnt have the VLX i wouldve def “main”'d the v3sa

I’m interested. Will you do trades with a mint 360 TE S? Willing to add money to match the price.

You can’t disable the start buttons are these things can you?


Unfortunately not looking for trades