[WTS] Hori HRAP3 Dual Modded +PS360 --- SOLD!



I’m unfortunately selling my old faithful — Hori HRAP that’s dual modded. I’ve since owned it from 2010 till now, and it’s lasted quite well through various mods / swaps. The case itself is a tank, and will last for more years to come.

Asking Price: $65 Shipped (US ONLY) / O.B.O


  • Akishop +PS360 PCB (Most Recent PCB Version for minimal button lag)
  • Soldered the wiring harness to the PCB for a secured connection.
  • RJ45 Neutrik Feedthrough (Drilled a hole in the front right-side)
  • 13-foot RJ45 Detachable-Connector (NE8MC RJ45 Data Connector)
  • All Sanwa Buttons / Joystick ***(Replaced the Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly) ***
  • Added grip-tape on the bottom metal plate to prevent slipping on lap.
  • Added an Art Hobbies top panel plexi cover to preserve the oem panel.
  • Assigned each wiring harness to their given button layout ***(ie. button x wiring has the “x” symbol tapped around it) ***
  • Cleanest Wire Tuck :slight_smile:

One notable point to mention is the the two screws that are missing near the top-left and bottom middle. Reason being is that at one point, I used the Art Hobb’s Top Loaders and ran into issues securing the top loader when I’d remove the panel from the top. I then decided to use gorilla-glue (which is f***king strong) to keep the loader in place. Long story short, It did more harm than good and I managed to remove all the top-loader’s except the one’s mentioned. All the rest are using the oem screws the stick came with. ***
I have the two oem screws in a plastic-bag incase you decide to get brave and remove them. ***


that’s a great deal considered it’s price shipped. glad it lasted you all these years, working on that and your etokki stick was pretty fun.




If I didn’t just buy…
Excellent deal.


Great deal!


good price if you need a PC stick for SF V and other games on PC.


Idk why nobody pointed this out, but you’re 9 posts short of selling eligibility for the trading outlet.


@SHSL_Street_Fighter I completely overlooked the trading outlet rules as this is my first time selling goods on SRK. I’m willing to take any consequences needed for this eligibility.


Much thanks to all the feedback and comments!