WTS Hori HRAP3 SA $65 shipped

Running into some money problems. That and I’m more of a fan of the TE sticks, so I’m letting go of my HRAP3 SA. It’s been lightly used, fully functional. Got some fingerprints and such, but I’ll clean it as best as I can before shipping it out. All parts are stock as well as basic decal on the control panel. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!

$65 shipped anywhere in the country.



meus, you should change your name to MarkMan2 lol.
Great price on the stick.

If for some strange reason Meus decides not to buy it I’ll take it.

pmed again

so is it sold? if not i ll buy it

PM sent

If nothing goes through. I’ll buy it just because you have an awesome reason for selling it. <3