WTS: Hori Hyabusa lever and Kuro buttons

Hori hyabusa lever and full set of Kuros pulled from my V4 Kai. Very little use; I bought the stick lightly used and never played with it until I swapped everything out for Seimitsu stuffs.

Lever sold. buttons sold.


Would you happen to have a Hori VX-SA cable compartment panel door? Looking to get a replacement since mine fell off.

PM sent.

PM sent

Kuros, LS-38, aluminum bat top and red (or purple) OBSFs pending.

Eric lemme rummage around a bit. I distinctly remembering taking that thing off very recently as I was tired of fucking with it…just don’t remember where it is exactly…

Sounds good.

Purple OBSFs and Kuros sold.

ALU battop and LS-38 sold.

White shaft JLF w/dust cover sold (purple balltop still available)

Updated original post with another lever on offer, this time an LS-40. You’ve got a PM, Eric.

Thanks for looking everyone…

PM #2 sent.

LS-40 sold.

Red OBSF-30s and red balltop pending.

Red OBSFs and red balltop sold.

Hayabusa, purple balltop and plate-less JLF pending.

'Busa, purple balltop and plate-less JLF sold.

Would you happen to have a set of ether 2x red, white or black OBSFs or do you require a minimum order?

Hmm, well I’d like to have a minimum if possible; else I’d pretty much be giving these away as the shipping would likely be more than the price of the buttons.

Been slacking hard on updating this, all buttons are currently sold. I’ve got another set of Kuros and another Hayabusa lever for sale out of another V4 Kai $25 shipped for the 'Busa and $1.50 ea. for the buttons; I’ll be sure to get some pics up ASAP.

Got the buttons in the other day. Packaged extremely well.
Thanks again.

No problem, man. Enjoy’em!

Bump for added pics.

Bump for a price drop. 15 shipped for the lever and $1 ea. for the buttons…need the stuff gone to someone who will actually use it…

sent you a PM, i’ll take the hayabusa.

Got it and sold to theBAYsics!

Kuros still available, peeps!