WTS - HORI LCD Monitor, HRAP VX-SA, HORI Commader Pro and Round 1 TE PS3

I have the following:

  • hrap vxsa brand new in box/packaging. 120$ + ship , sold pending payment …

  • round 1 te for ps3 in barely used condition. Never opened or modded. Will include box,stick and foam padding. The cable door fell off though. 120$ + ship

  • hori commander pro 3 fight pad for ps3. Brand new looking for 30 + ship

  • Hori LCD Monitor, brand new (opened box to inspect it though) - sold!

the arcade sticks are both on ebay. i’ll be willing to end them early if we can strike a deal here~

Send me your offers.

you have to post price, otherwise you break the rules.

Thanks for that info. Updated with prices~

added hori lcd monitor to post

hori vx sa sold … pending payment …

any pics on the Hori monitor?

sure ill try to get them up later today.

interested in the monitor if GGX doesnt buy it im next.

forgot to post that the hori monitor is sold, before i got a chance to post pics